Seasonal Celebrations: Rediscovering Earth's Calendar of Seasons 2019 - 2020

For over thirty-five years, Genesis Farm has marked the spring and autumn equinoxes and the winter and summer solstices. Over the past five years we have reclaimed and marked the mid-point transitional times between the four seasons. In the northern hemisphere where we live, the seasons are experienced more dramatically. Early agrarian cultures paid close attention to these times of transition. In some European cultures these passages were known as the cross-quarters.

These eight seasonal passages are neither minor nor insignificant. Many of us presently live in places and cultures where technology has removed us from the direct experiences of weather and seasonal changes, but outside our human shelters, natural forces still shape the conditions by which life endures with such creativity.

We are trying to regain our individual and community alignment with these seasonal passages as they shape this landscape in this bioregion.

They provide deep guidance to every other form of being on this land, whether soils, microbes, the roots of tree or meadow grasses. They guide the flow of water in its great cycle of transformation, as well as every animal, which resides here. Together they all provide a guidance for our human journeys as we circle Sun, a small, second-generation star in the Milky Way galaxy.

Because these seasonal changes do not occur at a precise moment but over a span of time, we use this larger scale for our celebrations here. Thus our ceremonies “open and close the portals to these times” and will happen on the following days. We try to include days of religious significance where possible.

You are welcome to join us. We also encourage you to mark them in your own homes or special places in your neighborhood. The dates below correspond to the days we open and close the portals to the actual seasonal passage.

Winter Solstice Dec 18 - Jan 8
Imbolc Jan 28 - Feb 6
Vernal Equinox March 15 - March 29
Beltaine Apr 26 - May 10
Summer Solstice June 14 - June 28
Lughnasad July 26 - Aug 9
Autumnal Equinox Sept 13 - Sept 27
Samhain Oct 25 - Nov 8
Winter Solstice Dec 13 - Jan 3