Vernal Equinox back

March 15 - March 29, 2019

Join us as we celebrate the journey from darkness into light. The Vernal Equinox marks the point in Earth’s calendar where the duration of night and day is equal. It is a transition from the darkness of the introspective period of winter into the creative expression of spring.  It is a time when nature becomes aligned with the truth. The seeds become definitive in their self-realization, thus beginning to actualize into a burst of life.


For thousands of years the passing into light has been a magical celebration across cultures. It has been celebrated as a time of fertility, regeneration, rebirth of life and energy. It is a celebration in anticipation of life becoming abundant once again. It is a time of awakening for Earth and all her creations.


We will open the portal of The Vernal Equinox on Friday, March 15 at 3PM and we will close the portal on Friday, March 29 at 3PM. Between the opening and closing rituals, anyone wishing to mark this passage on their own is welcome to Genesis Farm.


Please come during daylight hours and if you wish to attend either the opening or closing please RSVP by calling (908) 362-6735.