Seed Saving

Genesis Farm saves a large number of our seeds to plant and to share. Seeds are a sacred part of the bioregion, the essence of life itself. Through them, generation after generation of wisdom is carried into the present moment for release into the future. The seed evolves through the ages, shaped by human comprehension and deep mystery.

We cultivate the gardens in the Valley of Aluna using only open-pollinated seeds which, when planted, resemble exactly their parent plant. These seeds are non-GMO and of the highest quality available.

Genesis Farm strongly opposes the use of transgenic seed (also called GMOs, or genetically modified organisms). Transgenic plants are grown from patented seeds that have had genetic material from a completely different organism injected into their DNA. When seeds are implanted with an alien gene, its future is co-opted. With transgenic plants, humans have usurped the entire evolutionary memory of the plant.  Transgenic seeds forever disrupt the plant’s complex relationships with the entire living community, and we are only beginnning to understand their devastating planetary impact.