There are many resources available online for those who would like to learn more about the Universe Story. Here are just a few:

The Thomas Berry Foundation offers complete listings of Thomas Berry's books, videos, essays, and other resources. Thomas Berry is the foremost thinker and writer of our time. His writings are essential for understanding the Universe Story and its profound implications for the future of humanity.

The Journey of the Universe, by Brian Swimme and Mary Evelyn Tucker, is an award-winning documentary DVD and book. There is also a supplemental DVD of interviews with Dr. Tucker. This series provides a complete overview of the Universe Story. We have found tit to offer an elegant and compelling introduction to the ideas that propel our work here at Genesis Farm.

TheCommunity Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CEDLF) offers a training called Democracy Schools,  Democracy Schools are one to three-day intensive seminars that examine how communities across the U.S. are beginning to assert local control to protect the rights of nature, of communities, and of all their residents. CEDLF has worked extensively with communities that are working to prevent fracking, factory farming, and other polluting activities.

The Big History Project offers a free interactive, online course that explores all of history, from the Big Bang to modern life. The Big History Project brings a multi-disciplinary approach to knowledge about the Universe and solar system, Earth, life and evolution. There is also a similar course designed for high school students.

The Deep Time Journey Network is  a self organizing network of people who see the Story of the Universe as foundational. A great way to connect with others who are awakening to the story of the evolution of the Universe.