Imbolc Transitions

January/February, 2024


Dear Friends of the Farm,

As we approach the cross-quarter time between winter solstice and spring equinox, Genesis Farm is adjusting to the unpredictable snows, gales and flooding which have demanded so much of our time and attention.

Your patience and understanding with us seems to match our endurance and determination to bring things back to life here. But these are not predictable or familiar times for the planet and the multiple communities of life struggling to survive.  How can anything survive the unspeakable obstinance of a powerful minority of our human species who believe their role is to control the fate of everything but themselves.

Thank you for your understanding as we face into these times 'between seasons'.  All the members of our community, the rivers and streams, the wetlands, the insects, animals, the plants, trees, microbes, lichen, are confused and disoriented. So too are our human neighbors, as well as our schools, farms, businesses, and the other institutions that are struggling to just survive.

We continue to collaborate with many individuals and organizations resisting and rebelling against this take over of life itself.  What makes our efforts so difficult  is that the ‘evolutionary story of the universe' can seem to undermine the beliefs of the dominant worldview which still believes that humans are separate from, and have rights over, whatever is not in the preferred image of their traditional “creators of the world”.

Genesis Farm is dedicated to carrying forward the values and wisdoms of all human traditions  and integrating those insights with the empirical evidence of the process of evolution, especially as grounded in the discoveries of Albert Einstein, the insights of mathematical cosmologist, Brian Swimme and Cultural historian Thomas Berry. 

We are continuing to work on reinventing the forms to repurpose our mission, our resources and this website.  We are ever more dependent on volunteers to help.

With deep gratitude for your faithful support,

Miriam MacGillis