Current Earth Issues


Among the many crises affecting the planet, we have identified several that have particular urgency in our region of northwest New Jersey.

1. Transgenic organisms (also called GMOs): Seeds everywhere are in danger of being contaminated by transgenic plants, which are implanted with genes from a different species. (Read more here.)

2. The Susquehanna to Roseland Power Line Expansion: An enormous new powerline now runs through the region. This is a 130-mile expansion of the tower sizes and capacity starts at the Susquehanna Nuclear Generating Station in Berwick, Pennsylvania ends in Roseland, New Jersey. (Read more about the history of the resistance to this power line here.)

3. Hydraulic Fracturing, or Fracking: Fracking is a highly dangerous method of extracting this natural gas and runs the risk of ruining all the underground and above-ground waters that flow throughout the Delaware River watershed. (Read more here.)

We encourage you to explore the different material and links provided here, and to stay involved by subscribing to alerts and other advocacy efforts of the activist organizations that follow these issues closely.